• Holder of the Professorship in Food Diversity Food Science and Technology Dept. Texas A&M Univ.
  • Director ‐ Extrusion Technology Program, Professional & Continuing Education, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES)
  • Graduate Faculty, Department Food Science and Technology.
  • Tel: 979-845-2774; E-mail:


  • D. Food Science, University of Maine, Orono, Maine, USA 1992
  • S. (Honors), Food Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan 1987
  • S. (Honors), Food Technology & Agriculture, Univ. of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan 1985

Additional Training:

  • Food Safety Training (GMPs, HACCP, FSMA, Food Defense, Food Fraud, FSVP, & Internal Auditing); Des Plaines, IL. Provided by American Institute of Baking (AIB) International. Nov. 18-19, 2019
  • Applying HACCP Principles for the food Service Industry; Deland, USA. Provided by HAACP Training Org. June 3, 2009
  • A Short Course on “Food Extrusion” American Association of Cereal Chemist, March 22‐25, 1994


  • University of Maine Bernard Lown Alumni Humanitarian Award 2016

Course Taught/Currently Teaching:

  • NFSC 300 599,700, M98 (Spring and Fall – Online Since 2014) – Religious and Ethnic Foods
  • NFSC 311 (Fall 2020)- Principles of Food Processing
  • FSTC 685/NUTR‐ 691‐ Religious and Ethnic Foods
  • FSTC/NUTR 489‐504, 415 and 300 (Every Fall since 2007-2014) – Religious and Ethnic Foods
  • FSTC/DASC 314 ‐ Food Analysis

Organizing and Conducting Short Courses Every Year Since 1992

  • Feeds and Pet Food Extrusion (Started 1992)
  • Extruded Pet Foods & Treats (Started 2015)
  • Snack Food Processing: Extruded Snacks and Tortilla Chips (Started 1997)
  • Food Extrusion: Cereals, Pulses, Proteins, and Other Ingredients (Started 1998)
  • Aquaculture Feed Extrusion, Nutrition, and Feed Management (Started 1994)

Experience: Academic:

  • Holder of the Professorship in Food Diversity Food Sci. & Tech. Dept TAMU (Dec. 2017‐ Present)
  • Director– Process Engineering R&D Center, (Formally Food Protein R&D Center), Texas A&M University System (May 2006 to March 31, 2020)
  • Director and Senior Research Scientist ‐ Food Protein R&D Center, TAMU. (2012 to 2016).
  • Interim Director– Food Protein R&D Center, TAMU (May 2005 to May 2006).
  • Head ‐ Extrusion Technology Program and Research Scientist, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) Jan. 2003‐Present.
  • Head ‐ Extrusion Technology Program and Associate Research Scientist, Food Protein R&D Center, Texas A & M University System, (1997‐ Dec.2002).
  • Graduate Faculty, Food Science and Technology Program, Texas A&M University, (1998 to Present).
  • Faculty, Center of Food Processing & Engineering, Institute of Food Science & Engineering, Texas A&M University, (1995‐2005)
  • In‐Charge ‐ Extrusion Technology Program and Assistant Research Scientist, Food Protein R&D Center Texas A & M University System, (1992‐97).
  • Research Assistant, Dept. of Food Technology, Univ. of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan, (1987).


  • Food Science Consultant, Swan’s Honey Co. Brewer, ME. (1990‐92)
  • Food Science Consultant, Maine’s Own Treat, Trenton, ME. (1990)
  • Ice Cream Processor, University of Maine Farm Store, Orono, ME. (1988‐89)

Professional Interests:

  • Extrusion Processes

  • Cereals and Snacks Extrusion

  • Food Technology

  • Ethnic and Religious Food

  • Aquaculture Feed

  • Feeds and Pet Food Extrusion

  • Oil Seed Processing

  • Recycling of Food By‐products

  • Food Product Development

  • Texturization of Vegetable Protein


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