Hi There, I'm

Mian Nadeem Riaz

Professor of Food Diversity in the Department of  Food Science  and Technology at Texas A&M University, with expertise in the area of Halal food production and food processing using innovative technologies.

About Mian N Riaz

Dr. Mian Nadeem Riaz serves as the Associate Department Head of the Texas A&M Food Science Department and is the holder of the IFANCA Professorship in Food Diversity. He joined the university 30 years ago after completing his PhD in Food Science from the University of Maine. He served as the Director of the Food Protein R&D center from 2005 to 2020 at A&M. Currently, he is the Director of Extrusion Technology where he offers 5 extrusion courses every year.

He teaches the popular food science course, “Religious and Ethnic Foods”, with more than 1,000 enrolled students each semester, which is a capstone in the IFANCA Food Diversity Innovation Program that he established from a $5 million endowment from IFANCA. He uses his expertise in extrusion and food diversity to publish 7 books, 27 book chapters, 160 papers, and has given over 600 talks in 60 different countries.