Dr. Riaz’s global impact is further underscored by his extensive travels, spanning more than 60 countries. These journeys were driven by his commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise. His presentations have touched upon critical areas, making a transformative impact on the international food science community.


Dr. Mian N. Riaz, an eminent figure in the realm of food science and technology, stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise. As the Director of the Process Engineering R&D Center, former head of the Food Protein R&D Center, and the Head of the Extrusion Technology Program, his influence spans across academia, research, and international collaboration.

A prolific speaker at international and national conferences, Dr. Riaz has captivated audiences across the globe with his insights and wisdom. To date, he has delivered more than 600 captivating presentations in over 60 countries. His dynamic presentations encompass a wide spectrum of topics including extrusion technology, feed processing, halal food, snack food, and soy processing, reflecting his profound understanding of diverse facets of the food industry. Dr. Riaz’s presentations at events like the World Halal Summit and ExtruAfrica highlight his pioneering insights into halal food processing, feed processing, market dynamics, and emerging trends. His numerous articles, published in prestigious national and international magazines and journals, provide valuable insights into the complexities of halal food, its market, and its evolving significance.

At the core of his contributions lies his dedication to education. Dr. Riaz imparts his knowledge at Texas A&M University, where he teaches a course on “Religious and Ethnic Food” to Food Science and Nutrition majors. This reflects his commitment to fostering a deep understanding of the intersection of food, culture, and beliefs. Dr. Riaz’s research endeavors have pushed the boundaries of food processing technologies. His work focuses on leveraging diverse techniques to process foods, leading to innovations that redefine how we experience and consume nourishment.

Dr. Mian N. Riaz’s exceptional contributions, spanning research, education, and international collaboration, continue to enrich the global food science landscape. His legacy is one of innovation, knowledge sharing, and a steadfast commitment to creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and ethically conscious food industry.


In these videos, Dr. Riaz takes center stage at various international conferences and events, captivating audiences with his extensive knowledge on topics ranging from extrusion technology to halal food processing, feed production to snack innovations. Through these engaging presentations, he seamlessly breaks down complex concepts, providing a clear understanding of key industry trends and innovations.


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