Aquaculture Feed and Nutrition

Aquaculture Feed Extrusion, Nutrition, and Feed Management, started in 1994

For the aquaculture industry, this annual course is a definitive resource for learning extrusion best practices. With a specific focus on feed extrusion, nutrition, and feed management, participants gain valuable insights from industry and academic experts. Dr. Riaz’s expertise ensures that attendees are well-versed in extrusion technology and its critical role in the aquaculture sector. Dr. Mian N. Riaz has been at the forefront of aquaculture education, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of extrusion technology’s vital role in producing sustainable and nutritious aquafeed.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Aquafeed Formulation and Nutritional Requirements
  • Extrusion Processing Techniques for Aquaculture Feed
  • Feed Management and Sustainability
  • Disease Prevention and Health Management
  • Market Trends and Future Prospects in Aquaculture


  • Train production personnel in principles and characteristics of extruders and support systems for effective selection and operation.
  • Review current practices for preparation of aquaculture feeds.
  • Demonstrate equipment in operation, and familiarize attendees with practical aspects of feeds extrusion.
  • Review of the aquaculture nutrition and feed management practices.

Short Course Conduct

All the short courses are conducted at the esteemed Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center. Dr. Mian N. Riaz’s commitment to excellence is further exemplified by the versatility of course delivery, with both in-person and live, online sessions available via Zoom.

Registration Overview

The program will cover information on material handling, preconditioning, extrusion of pet foods, extruded and non-extruded treats, raw material, extrusion hardware, automation, product analysis, meat handling in pet food, drying, cooling, and enrobing, food safety, pet food and treat shelf life, and trouble shooting. Participants completing the course will be awarded a Certificate and are eligible for 30 Professional Development Hours (PDHs). For questions related to the registration process and course, please contact Dr. Mian Riaz.

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Custom Company Course

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station’s (TEES) Extrusion Program, under the direction of Dr. Mian Riaz, offers custom Extrusion Programs for companies. Please contact us to discuss a custom program and how to align it with your budget and goals.